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Beyond The Racing Line - Formula 1 Podcast

Jun 27, 2017

What a race! Roger and the boys from Beyond the Racing Line have no idea where to start this one! So they start at the most obvious place, the top of the podium, then work their way down from there. They cover the now famous Vettel/Hamilton moment, the Force India brain fade and much much more.

Jun 25, 2017

In a huge episode of 'Beyond the Racing Line', the guys; unpack some massive news in the Formula One world, come up with some pretty wild theories of what might happen next year, Tristan announces that he agrees with Roger on two big points, they take a look at qualifying and make...

Jun 18, 2017

In the second 'Around the Garage' episode for this year, the guys discuss Liberty Media's performance so far and what they want to see from them next. Roger get no love for his ideas on what needs to change, no one can agree on McLaren's hopes for the future and they get no traction on tyres. All this and more from...

Jun 12, 2017

Today the guys from 'Beyond the Racing Line', pull apart everything that happened in Canada. There are arguments about most things as usual, but they find the Max on Seb incident the hardest to sort through. Let them know where you sit on this one on the Facebook Page.

Jun 7, 2017

Finally the guys are here with the Monaco Review. It's date night as Roger is joined by only Tristan, but despite predicted conflict, the boys behave themselves. In this show, the guys review Monaco, discuss if there were team orders or not, look ahead to Canada and look at the special news of a possible return of...