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Beyond The Racing Line - Formula 1 Podcast

Nov 16, 2021

With the world against them Mercedes and Hamilton drove a race for the ages and against all odds too the most unlikely of wins. 3 to go, 14pts in it, if you thought it was over, it's not. We deserve a fairy tale and that's exactly what we will get.
The FIA stepped in and Got Mercedes where it hurt, disqualification from quali, but the champ rose the occasion. What did you make of the call? Right, wrong or too harsh?
Inspector Max could learn a thing or two, don't go putting your hands where they should be. But we call of F1 to be better.
The whistle was put away as Max walked Lewis wide, as arms were thrown and a please explain demanded. Play on or wrong call? All we know is that we want the whistle put away by the ref, do you agree?
All that plus Race Ranking, Race Review, Driver Votes, Dud of the Day, F1.5, Beyond the Bet, Fantasy, News, Gossip and much much more on this week's episode of BTRL.