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Beyond The Racing Line - Formula 1 Podcast

Jul 20, 2020

Welcome back to another week of racing and another episode of BTRL. This week its the Hungarian GP. It was a race of sorts and a race of nothingness.
This week we look at the race from a team by team perspective, who were the major winners, lovers and surprise packets of the weekend.
The Racing Points are under heavy investigation. Will they be found guilty or innocent, what are your thoughts on the "Trace Gate" hear our opinions as we weigh in on the decision of the season. And what about their wheelmen, is one on the way out? Did Perez throw another podium? Has isolation drawn 3 seconds of talent out of Lance?
The stewards are under fire again this week from the boys, a bad call on Bottas? Maybe? A terrible call on the Haas? Definitely, and Rebull, were they lucky to escape an alleged box dry? Hmmm. How have you seen the stewards form so far?
And your #1 and #2 favourite segments, in that order, its dud of the day and Beyond the bet! Did J make it 3 from 3? No, no he didn't! Hear the fallout.
All that plus fantasy, news is up, gossip as always, the driver market merry-go-round featuring Seb and much much more.
All that on this week ep of BTRL.