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Beyond The Racing Line - Formula 1 Podcast

Mar 30, 2021

The fuse has been lit on 2021 and wow didn't it deliver. Bahrain has staked it's claim for season opener with a belter. But with so much hype came the result of Hamilton, Verstappen, Bottas. But it felt different this time. In fact one more and it become the most recorded 3,2,1 result in F1 history.
This week we look at a full race review. We learnt that Bulls are serious contenders but the Mercs are not going anywhere fast. The Ferrari looks good but is it the title contender of days past or are they simply making up lost ground. McLaren are an enigma, 3rd place or title fighter?
Drivers had new homes and there were some stand outs, however all those that moved homes were beaten, how quickly can they come up to speed? And who has the biggest fight on their hands?
All that plus Race Ranking, Dud of The Day, Fantasy F1, Beyond the Bet, Fan Questions and some News and Gossip.
Sit back and enjoy one mighty entertaining episode of BTRL.