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Beyond The Racing Line - Formula 1 Podcast

May 24, 2022

When Spain comes around F1 fans quiver at what is traditionally a snore festival but 2022 was anything but. Leclerc was untouchable, Max was on a charge, Sainz was holding steady and then it all changed. A gust of wind, an engine failure and a red hot George Russell found himself leading the pack. But with the outright pace the Bulls came home in a dominant 1-2 as the title tools its first change of direction. It was a technical battle off track as teams bought new gear to the track, we discuss all the upgrades and ask who were the big winner, the losers and who held station. The Mercs looked on it, has the bounce been bounced for good or were the on track errors a deceptive blanket to the finishing order? With George on the podium again and a barnstorming drive from Lewis are the Mercs in this fight or is it false hope? McLaren, where too? Hot and cold, on and off and a team that has left fans scratching their head. But what is going on in the land of papya? And drone cam....why? All that plus Race Review, Race Ranking, Dud Of the Day, F1.5, Fantasy, Beyond the Bet, News, Gossip and much much more on this week's episode of BTRL. Keep an eye out for Fan Frenzy this week too as we answer all your fan questions about the Spanish GP