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Beyond The Racing Line - Formula 1 Podcast

Nov 29, 2022

2022 is in the books, but while it didn't realise the heights of 2021 you have to admire the pure talent that is Max Verstappen. Ferrari will think what if and the powerhouse of Mercedes will wonder if only.

We said farewell to many. And while some were a shock and some overdue it was Seb who stole the show. A champion til the end and a legend of the sport. Could you see a return in the future?

Ricciardo is back home, a 3rd driver seat to reset and refresh and although Rebull have said no to a 2024 drive, you can't help but think there is a sneaky chance.

And post season tests are in full swing. Gasly looks right at homein the Alpine, Alonso hitthe ground running at Aston and Piastri settled into life in McLaren. Who was the biggest winner of all?

All the plus Race Ranking, Race Review, Driver Votes, Dud of the Day, F1.5, Fantasy, Beyond the Bet, News, Gossip and Fan Frenzy mini pod on this week's episode of BTRL.