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Beyond The Racing Line - Formula 1 Podcast

Sep 28, 2020

The Sochi Scrap. No not the latest viral Tiktok trend, it's race week and we were treated with a slightly off dessert that you kinda want to eat but know you shouldn't, but do anyway.
Sochi delivered a feisty yet scrappy race that left fans wanting a little bit more. Bottas got it done in the most unusual of ways while Lewis must wait another week to tie the all time wins record.
It's mid year and what better way to celebrate than a special mid year report card. We grade the field on their season so far and there are a few surprises, have a go and let us know, we're we on the money?
We take a look at some news this week as Chase Steph's back, Toto teases his past interest and the Ferrari dream team is officially reunited. Perez has a seat but where? And the return of Alonso as Renault fans get sentimental.
All that plus race rankings, dud of the day, beyond the bet, fantasy Formula 1.5 and much much more on a special edition of BTRL.