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Beyond The Racing Line - Formula 1 Podcast

Jul 11, 2023

There are few tracks that deliver history like Silverstone and this weekend was no exception.

It was a day of rejoicing for Mclaren fans around the world, a new package, a 2-3 quali and a podium to boot. Safety car however didn't get the memo and Piastri had to settle for 4th. Have we just witnessed the final stage of a mighty rebirth from the Papaya people?

Alpine had a weekend to forget as both drivers finished in the sheds. A turning point in the season? Or just a race to forget?

And celebs were in the thick of it as Cara Delvigne and Alfa Romeo snubbed Martin on the grid, social media ran wild and had more than their say. Is it time to scrap the celebrities?

All the plus Race Ranking, Race Review, F1.5, Driver Votes, Dud of the Day, Fantasy, News, Gossip and Fan Frenzy mini pod on this week's episode of BTRL.