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Beyond The Racing Line - Formula 1 Podcast

Aug 31, 2021

What a weekend, well sort of, we raced behind a safety car, we waited, and waited and waited, paraded for 2 laps and then hey presto half points. Despite no race we have got lots of talk about. Russell pulled it out of the bag when it counted. But was it enough to land the Merc seat? Toto said the deal is done, Bottas with a cryptic post on Instagram but where will these 2 be seated in 2022? Lando was on it, then in it as he threw away a potential pole position, but was it down to poor conditions or too much money on the loud pedal? Whatever it was you can't fault him. And what about the fans, left high and...well wet, has F1 damaged the brand? Did we race to please sponsors? What should the sport do to reimburse the dedicated? We discuss plenty of options. All that plus news, driver market and Dud of the day on this week's half episode of BTRL.