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Beyond The Racing Line - Formula 1 Podcast

Jun 24, 2019

Penalties, penalties and more penalties. Yes they were flying left right and center this week and no-one was safe. Ricciardo tried to race and was hit with two 5 second penalties. Perez did the right thing and was hit with a 5 second penalty. Vettel was still seething, from last weeks penalty and the fans turned up to watch the sport they love the most and were hit with a 2hr penalty. Not sure who's reviewing that one. Yes like a stale croissant that has been left in the back of the pantry the French GP was the one that you regret you watched. However we have got you covered. This week we dive into the rule book and try to make sense of it all as fans, we ask is the sport dying and who is going to give it CPR? We investigate where the McLaren form came from, ask is Dan really back, begin our first driver merry-go-round predictions of 2019 and give you an insight into exactly what type of potato we love the most.

All that plus much much more on this weeks episode of BTRL.