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Beyond The Racing Line - Formula 1 Podcast

Jul 6, 2021

Been to Austria? Well you’d be forgiven for thinking we never left. The triple header is done and non will be happier to depart the Styrian Alps than Hamilton as Max and the Bulls dominate. However one DNF and the margin in well within reach so this one isn’t over. Penalties, penalties and more penalties. The talking point for this week? Did Derek Warwick get up on the wrong side of the bed or did the elbows stick too far out? We want hard racing but who got it right and who got it wrong? Lando can do no wrong. The brit is the in form drover of the season and lets be honest we didn’t expect it. Is a win on the cards in 2021? Maybe, just maybe it is. Russell did Russell things and Bottas again took home another podium. The rumour mill is in full swing with an announcement on the Merc seat imminent. We discuss who gets it and why. Aston Martin are looking for a livery change to be more present on broadcasts. Sponsor BWT want the pink back and some are chasing the modern Fluro green. But will they pull the trigger on a re design this year? And down under is pulled from 2021 as our hearts collectively sink. What would you like to see as the replacement? All that plus Race Review, Race Ranking, Dud of the Day, Fantasy, Beyond the Bet, News, Gossip and a preview of the upcoming Sprint Race format on this weeks episode of BTRL.