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Beyond The Racing Line - Formula 1 Podcast

Jun 8, 2021

Red flags, Red Cars on pole, Red faces and a podium of RedBulls and their rejects, Baku was painted Red but it was the man in green who stole our hears. Yes we are back in the city of Azerbaijan for Baku.

It was a weekend to remember for some and forget for others. Verstappen was denied a deserved win and just when it looked like Hamilton would have the cards fall his way a little touch of magic was all that was needed and in the end we hold our championship steady. But the big question is debris or not debris? Perez came of age. He tweeted it would take 5 races to get the Redbull under control and on outing 6 he won! Has he closed the door on Albon? The McLaren's promised big things but didn't deliver? Is the hype real or have they been humbled? Bottas was nowhere. He isn't agreeing with the Merc but is he being delt a bad hand or is he just not delivering? Watch the socials for a big Bottas discussion. As always its Race Review, Race Rankings, Dud of the Day, Beyond the Bet, Fantasy, Fan Questions and much much more. All that o. This week's episode of BTLR. Don't forget to head over to DRAuto Art and check out Chris and his amazing Formula 1 Art.