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Beyond The Racing Line - Formula 1 Podcast

Sep 17, 2018

SINGAPORE IS DONE AND DUSTED! The lights went out and boy did we, ummm, see, ahhhh....yeah some really great, ahhh cars, that ahh did some real fast laps, and ahh oh yeah they changed tyres a couple of times, oh and did you know they gave out 3 trophies, madness!! They sure know how to throw a GP......did I leave the dishwasher on?

Yes that's right the longest race was the biggest flop of the year, but don't worry we had plenty to talk about. This week we unpack all the talking points of the Singapore GP, take a deeper look at the driver swaps, try and figure out what was eating Perez, for the first time mention Sirotkin and his fighting drive, try to re home Ocon and discuss if Ferrari are no longer the "IT" team of Formula 1?

Also keep a listen out for our live facebook feed during our recording, if you were talking to us you might just hear your thoughts on the air!

All that and more in this weeks.....zzzzzzzzz.