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Beyond The Racing Line - Formula 1 Podcast

Feb 28, 2023

2023 is here. We are officially back and raring to go.

The 3 day test is over, reliability was sound from all teams as the clocked the Bahrain circuit. The field pecking order looks relatively set but as we know testing means little in the scope of a season and anything can change. 

Mclaren came out swinging, at themselves. The papya team admitted targets have been missed and drag levels are high. Lando left punching walls while Ricciardo sat counting his dollars. Is 2023 the bottom of the pile for this once mighty team? 

Rebull look good, scary good. With flow vis paint wrapped to perfection, you would be silly to bet against Max for a 3rd title. Questions will be there based on last year's sanctions, but will it be a case of catch us if you can regardless. 

And Aston, after a day 1 breakdown many thought the Alonso curse had returned, but after clocking over 3 race weekend distances and a 90% new car this could be the moment for this aspirational team. 

All that plus some season predictions and a special Fantasy F1 episode, join us as we launch into 2023.