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Beyond The Racing Line - Formula 1 Podcast

Aug 2, 2022

It was a shock to the system for so many this week as we headed to Hungary and rode off into the summer break. It was a barnstorming drive as Max took honours from 10th and left Ferrari once again pondering what could have been.
After leaving so many points on the table is it time to question the inner workings of Ferrari? Do they have issues beyond the pit wall? Have the forgotten how to win? All we know is some serious questions need to be asked.
The treat of rain was beckoning from the clouds but instead it was the Mercedes that came, with an out of nowhere pole for George and another podium for Hamilton, now levelling with Leclerc, are the going to claw back into the title race or will it simple be too big of an ask?
And Fernando. To Aston, what! Yes the silly season has officially begun as the double world champion caught us off guard and signed a multi year deal with Aston. Right call? Wrong Call? What do you think? One thing we know is, we predicted this just last week. TICK!
All the plus Race Ranking, Race Review, Driver Votes, Dud of the Day, F1.5, Fantasy, Beyond the Bet, News, Gossip and Fan Frenzy mini pod on this week's episode of BTRL.
Seen by Trist Dane at 6:32 PM