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Beyond The Racing Line - Formula 1 Podcast

Jul 31, 2018

Break time!

No it's not the Tuesday afternoon tea and bikkies break while you throw banter at your workmates around the watercooler. It's the summer break.

So while we freeze in the rain and -1° temps in the land downunder we left the weekend feeling hot. Dan was hot, Lewis was hot (in the wet) Max's engine got too hot, then his temper got to hot, Bottas's tyres got too hot, Sebs pressure to perform got hot and all the while Kimi in his natural Ice Man ways was the only man who kept his cool.

This week we discuss the weekend gone, we talk Renault and Redbull, the Force India buy out and plan our 4 weeks off...all that and much much more as we say cheers to the first half of season 2018.