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Beyond The Racing Line - Formula 1 Podcast

Jun 15, 2020

We are back, the countdown continues as we dip under the 20 day mark, and J's back on deck as 2 become 3 again!

This week we unpack the future calendar, with Singapore and Japan now off the cards we turn our attention to future tracks, with Mugello or Imola get a run?

Podiums are set to look very different so we thought we take our spin on what these should look like.

Aston Martin have dominated the constructor landscape, Toto is invested, but who takes the seats, is this Vettels foot in the door of a Merc? Does Alonso link in as part of his future WEC project, we have a crack at our dream team scenario. And are we set to see a new rich kid on the block, Latifi and Mazapin are rumoured to make a play for the majority stake, what does this mean for Russell and Latifi?

And we wrap up this week with our recommendations, Beyond the Bet makes a return and much much more on this week's ep of BTRL.