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Beyond The Racing Line - Formula 1 Podcast

Dec 2, 2019

It's lights off and away we go, yes that's it for the home and away season of 2019 and didn't we finish with an absolute blinder?! No, the answer to that is no we didn't, in fact we were as disappointed as a fat kid in a fruit shop. Yes Abu Dhabi was the name of the game. But don't worry the lack of on track action was negated by fuel gate, with Leclerc under investigation pre race for a 5kg diff in fuel the Ferrari boys were doing everything they could to spice up this soup, with fuel as it turns out. This week we talk farewells as we say goodby to the season, the drivers of some and DRS, even though it came back. As always race reviews, news, fantasy, dud of the day, we begin the 2021 driver seat swap nice and early and yes you know who talks Fernando Alonso, all that plus a sneak peek into our upcoming off season and end of year episodes where you can be a part of our awards episode. All that and more on this weeks episode of BTRL.