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Beyond The Racing Line - Formula 1 Podcast

Aug 10, 2020

Happy 70th and although we are nowhere near 70 yrs of age we still enjoyed the party that F1 threw this week. Our opening question was a belter this week, alternate race endings. Tyres tyres and more tyres, the Pirellie team took us back a compound but were we blanketed with the rubber all weekend or is that what we need more of in the future. Race review is jam packed this week and every team played a part in Sundays action but who was our team of the weekend and who had a shocker? Race rankings and dud of the day, some unexpected results here, did we get it right? Do yourself a favour and google Hannah Schmitz, the unexpected hero of Sunday. The Hulk returns and he took us back to the twilight if his career, is he now at the front of the cue for a 2021 race seat? We think yes but where does he go? Could we see a Perez, Hulk Haas pairing? News is in and man is it big, Racing Point penalised, teams appeal, Toto is rattled, Lawrence is fired up and this one is going to go right to the bell, we unpack "Ductgate". Legal or not? What about Kimi, the once mighty world champion has fallen, 1 yr too long? Is this the final chapter in the iceman tale? Along with this all your favourite segments are back, beyond the bet, fantasy, recommendations and much much more. All that on this week's episode of BTRL.