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Beyond The Racing Line - Formula 1 Podcast

Sep 14, 2020

Red flags, red cars and red tempers were the order of the weekend as Mugello took charge.
If we needed a reminder of how amazing Formula 1 can be then these past two weekends have delivered in spades.
It was business as usual the front but all eyes were on the midfield. Carnage, carnage and more carnage as those scrapping for points ended up having them handed to them on a plate.
Bottas brought a new attitude to the weekend but as always the cards fell to the wrong side. If the championship wasn't already over then it is now, Hamilton can do no wrong. The Bulls set themselves for an Italian charge but Verstappen was left seeing red in the prancing horses 1000th gallop as he failed to fire a shot.
The age old question of track design has reared its head and we again ask, is it time to revisit the old school tracks? There's no denying they are icons for a reason.
As always race reviews, race rankings, dud if the day, Formula 1.5, beyond the bet, fantasy and much much more including a teaser to a new segment "WHAT ARE THE ODDS", we think J is going to take Beyond the Bet into the global market shortly.
All here on this weeks episode of BTRL