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Beyond The Racing Line - Formula 1 Podcast

Nov 9, 2021

One hand on the title? Maybe? Who are you backing? Is it all over? Or is there a twist in the tail? Mexico was run and won, Max extend his lead, the constructors is now anyone's game and we are about to hit the height of the title fight. The second bull is well in this fight, and Perez is causing a nuisance. How important is Checo and what role does he play in the final rounds. Hamilton is fighting this to the end make no mistake, but is it out of reach? The champ is only a step off the pace, does he have enough tricks up his sleeve to take it when it counts? Gasly is back doing Gasly things, 4th again, we head to Interlago where last time out he pulled off a stunning result for the the Torro Rosso, what would you do if you were Gasly? Try and re enter Redbull, or build this team around you? All that plus, Race Rankings, Race Review, Driver Votes, Dud of the Day, Beyond the Bet, Fantasy, F1.5 Standings, News, Gossip and much much more on this week's episode of BTRL.